Art Camps for Kids

Terms & Conditions

Registration: Registration is free. To register for camp, please use our registration form. After we review your registration application you will receive a welcome email with details about the camp and payment instructions. We will generate an invoice based on the information you provided for us and deliver it to your email. If you did not get any welcome email, please check your spam folder, if it's not there, please contact us for further assistance via our Facebook page or email/phone.

Payment: All purchases are final with no exceptions and must be made not later than 3 days prior to your camp start time. Payments may be made in person by appointment or via the electronic invoice sent to your email. Payment is required to register for a class, camp, or workshop. Your spot in a camp is not guaranteed until we receive the payment. We accept Cash, Checks, or Credit Cards (Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, JCB, or Union Pay logo). Please make checks payable to Rustic Square LLC. Please note that there is a $35.00 charge for all returned checks.

Refund Policy:There are no refunds. We offer Credits to attend a future camps or online classes.

Missed Camp Policy: There are no refunds for missed camp classes & classes are not transferable to others.

Cancellation by Vendor Policy: We reserve the right to cancel any camp for any reason. Students enrolled in a camp that is canceled will be notified by phone or email if a valid phone or email address has been provided. Students enrolled in a canceled camp will be offered a camp credit or will be fully refunded for the camp.

Advertising & Publicity: Rustic Square LLC reserves the right to photograph or film students and their work for advertising and publicity purposes. Rustic Square LLC reserves the right to use the client’s artwork for exhibition at no charge.

Privacy Policy: Rustic Square LLC will not share any of your personal information with other individuals, companies, or any type of entity.

Beverages & smoking: Spring water is available for all students during all day. No alcohol allowed during the event. Smoking is not permitted.

Pets: No pets allowed during the event.

Important information for parents/guardians: Children wear waterproof aprons during the event however they may get messy from acrylic paints that are not washable from the clothes, only from a body. So please make sure they wear no expensive clothes. While we take care to perform reasonable caution, we cannot be held responsible for any damage done to clothing.

Outside Food: You may bring lunch, snacks, beverages to serve during the event, non-alcoholic beverages allowed during the event.

Parking: There is free parking available to the public. We can’t guarantee free parking spaces during the event.

Liability Release: By registering in a class, camp, or workshop, you waive any and all liability against Rustic Square LLC for injury, illness, loss of property, or any other form of loss.

Due to Covid-19 Rustic Square LLC follows any directions from Clifton NJ City Hall (state announcements) and Clifton NJ Health Department. For more information check the Clifton website

No mobile phones during the camp: To make the program an interesting experience, any mobile device will not be allowed during our class so that children can get their own unique ideas instead of looking for some on the internet.

In the case of a Natural Disaster or a circumstance beyond vendor control: in the case that an event has to be canceled due to a natural disaster or a circumstance beyond vendor control the event deposit or full payment will be held and the event will be rescheduled to a date that will be announced.

By making a payment you acknowledge you have read & freely accept all the terms above without any exceptions.
Terms & Conditions are subject to change or expire without any notice.